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Red Dress on the Beach?! Editorial Maternity Beach Session in Brevard County Florida

A mommy deserves to feel beautiful, no matter the stage of motherhood she is in. Growing a baby is no small feat, yet it is one of the most beautiful moments in a mother's life (even if it doesn't feel that way sometimes).

In every maternity session I do, it is my goal to create a special experience for the mom to be, that tells her story and makes her feel as special as she really is. Pink Pineapple Photography has a special client closet for maternity clients to use for their session.

If I had a time machine, one thing I would go back and redo is to have maternity photos done when I was pregnant with each of my children so that I had them to remember how I felt in that moment and so I could show each of my children what it looked like to bring them into the world.

Would you like to design a session that is unique to you and your experience? Please contact me to set up a design consultation.


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