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Why It Is Important to Schedule Maternity Photography - Space Coast Maternity Photographer

space coast maternity photographer

As soon to be new moms, we always think of making sure we have planned for pictures of our babies once they arrive. But sometimes, we don't take moment to consider the importance of documenting our maternity journeys. Often this is because we don't feel well, we don't feel like we look our best, and like most mothers, we prioritize others over ourselves. So, why should you take a moment to schedule and have maternity photos take and artwork created during this special chapter?

space coast maternity photographer

First and foremost - BECAUSE YOU WILL WANT TO REMEMBER THIS PART OF YOUR STORY. Whether it's baby 1, 2, or 5, each pregnancy and baby is unique and special. Not only that, you are unique and special during each pregnancy. You feel different things, experience different things, and are in a different place in life for each baby. When all is said and done, when your babies are growing or grown and you sit down, pull out your album or look up to the artwork on the wall, you will be transported back to that moment. You will remember who you were then and how it all felt.


Motherhood is one of the most beautiful experiences. Even when you feel much larger than usual, you feel off balance, maybe even a little bit sick, your body is building a whole other human inside. It's like magic. And you look like magic. At Pink Pineapple, we make sure to take on all the work, so you don't have to. We make sure to have a skilled hair and make up artist for you, gowns and dresses that make you shine, posing guidance so that you look your absolute best. We take care of everything for you.

space coast maternity photographer

Last but not least - TO CELEBRATE. This is a hard thing. And you are about to feel the most love you have ever felt in your heart. It's about celebrating this moment with all the vim and vigor that it deserves, that you deserve. Celebrate the fleeting moment, celebrate the changes, celebrate what's to come, celebrate what's been. We will help you create beautiful and timeless art pieces so that this chapter can be a constant joy for years to come. You, your baby, your family, you are worth celebrating.

space coast maternity photographer

Visit our contact page to book your maternity session and design consultation today. We recommend maternity photoshoots be on the calendar between 24-36 weeks gestation. Scheduling in the start of your second trimester ensures you get a date that is just right for you. Pink Pineapple Photography, space coast maternity photographer, books up several months in advance.


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