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About Me

Hi there!  I’m Amy, founder of Pink Pineapple Photography.   I don't call myself a photographer.  I am a Professional Creator of Pure Joy.   I do not just snap a few photos of you, your baby, or family and call it a day.  My passion is to create artwork from the love and joy you share with your family and little ones.  Together we make something that will give you butterflies and goosebumps - like when you were little, and on your way to an amusement park.   It's a priceless feeling this joy that comes from freezing time and remembering special moments and milestones, seeing them everyday on the walls of your your home.  I specialize in newborn photography, maternity photography, and family photography.  I focus on the Space Coast region of Central Florida in Brevard County, Fl.


Now the personal stuff!  I’m a single mommy of 3 little boys.   They have inspired me each and every day to try new and brave things.  And well, with three boys, I also have developed a love for coffee and wine and a little more coffee and a little more wine.  Country music, 80's music, and 90s pop are my jams.  Throw in a couple early 90s hip hop references and you totally get me.    I love the Florida sunshine, love my friends with my whole heart, and my family with my other whole heart.   I am a creator of joy - and here to make you and your family smile too.

Let's create amazing art for your home that embodies the spirit of your family, your children, and locks in the love and emotions in your life so that you can forever look at your art and be transported right back to the delicious smell of your babies, hearing the laughter of your toddlers, and celebrating your biggest life moments.  

6141 N Courtenay Pkwy Suite C

Merritt Island, Fl 32953

Tel: 386.235.4363

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