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Melbourne Beach Family Photoshoot

When we moved back to Florida in 2017, I made a promise to myself that I would spend more time at the beach. Welllll, turns out my weirdo kids do not like the beach lol. Something about the sand....

So, I love when I get to do family photoshoots on the beach! This quaint area of Melbourne Beach was particularly lovely, even though the weather that day really tried to mess up our fun!

But as you can see, we did not let it! I have a sign up in my house that says - "If you are lucky enough to live at the beach, you are lucky enough." And this adorable family has what I consider to be one of the most special places by the beach! We took about a 2 minute walk to what felt like a "secret garden" passageway where we started doing our joy creating. Imagine a green leaf covered tunnel with a ledge to climb on for a little girl model walk, a tree that has made special branches seemingly just for these two little to sit on, and a gateway to a nearly secluded beach. It was a dream!

Once on the beach, we spent our time playing and not posing, snuggling and dancing, and trying to get some good belly laughs and, of course, as many animal faces as a little girl can make.....rawwwwrrrrr!!!!

Here are some of my favorite images from our time together.

If you'd like to create joy at the beach and design fun artwork for your home, let's chat and plan your session soon! Email me at:

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