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In Home Sitter Session or Little Man on the Move!

One of my MOST favorite sessions to plan and photograph is that special but very very short time when a baby has just learned to sit up, but he isn't quite ready to crawl yet. This session was actually planned for right before COVID-19 took over and changed the world for the next three months. You might be wondering what that means? It means that the sweet spot for only sitting would pass and this little man would be on the move! Luckily, as soon as our area started to open back up again, we seized the moment and....used a basket and a chair and mommy to keep this ADORABLE guy in place. He is definitely a mover and a shaker but I have to tell you, I had so much fun doing this session and absolutely LOVED how the artwork turned out. I mean those EYES! Look out little ladies because he is going to be a heart breaker!

I did a few different set ups to mix it up a little and get a nice variety. I started with a bright blue backdrop which really brought out his bright blue eyes.

Then we did Baby in a Basket along with a few really special shots just with mom. It's the plight that moms everywhere have grown to understand. We are usually the ones BEHIND the camera and not in the photos. This is one of my favorite shots with mom.

Finally we moved outside to get family shots, dad shots, and of course, we couldn't leave out the pups!

Thanks for letting me share in this moment! They are only this little for a moment.

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