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Homeschooling and Teacher Resources during Quarantine Life

Hello to my spirit animals, aka moms who are working from home full time (or are laid off right now or have a full time job as a stay at home mom), homeschooling when you really have no idea how to teach, taking care of younger kids who are not in school, all while not being able to go anywhere or be with anyone else besides these little hooligans that are on the verge of getting suspended or at the very least put into detention.

I come to you right now with a PSA (yes Public Service Announcement not Please Save Amy). Right before we went into lockdown, I did something that I only occasionally do, but really enjoy when they are this FUN. I did some branding photos for The Rocket Resource (@therocketresource on Instagram). What is The Rocket Resource? No it does not deliver wine and coffee at the speed of a space shuttle, but it does provide some sanity saving and educational enrichment for your kiddos while we are at home. It is primarily a resource for teachers to use, but guess what my dear friends? That's us right now.

The commander of this rocket happens to be Jennifer Oglesby. She is a former teacher, transformed into a magical resource creator for elementary education. Not only does she run her own business, but she is a mom of 4 littles - three boys and a girl. So she is right down in the dirt with us right now, trying to manage education for her children, keep her business going, and help us all find a way to more easily keep our children learning with as few meltdowns as possible.

If you are a teacher or currently doing mom-school, check out her website for fun and inspiring ways you can help your children learn during this trying time of Quarantine 2020. Her webiste is: . Whether you need to teach about the human body, Earth's natural resources, US Citizenship, weather, basically anything you can think of - The Rocket Resource has affordable options for you. And I have to say, the design is super cute and fun. These would look adorable hanging on the fridge to show how proud you are of the learning progress your kids are making.

While my main focus as a boutique photographer is to create beautiful artwork of your family and children for your home, I love to help local businesses create their brand identity and give them amazing images to express their messages to our community. Here's a little snapshot of the fun we had and what you can expect when you the resources Jennifer has created for your teaching experience!



And what's the best way to know someone? To see their family in action!

If you have any questions on how Pink Pineapple Photography can help you create branding photos for your business, please send me an email at If you have questions about The Rocket Resources, send a DM to Jennifer on Instagram @therocketresource. Together we will all make it through Quarantine 2020 and come out even better on the the other side. May the Force be with you, mommies.

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