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Disney Boardwalk Family Photo Session

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

One of my new favorite places to shoot is at Disney's Boardwalk! There are sooo many fun backdrops for fun, playful families to make memories. Take a peek at this session and tell me you don't want to run there right now and get your family photos taken!

Why are sessions so fun at Disney's Boardwalk?

During a family photo session at Disney's Boardwalk, we start out on the steps of an amazing hotel to get some special snuggle shots of the whole family! Then we will make our way around the boardwalk and let the scenery lead the way! We will play by the water, hop in the photo booth, take a jaunt over to the gazebo, bridges, and the lighthouse. The best part? Ending at the ice cream shop where your littles get to pick out of the promised treasure box!


Shortly after we finish, the twinkle lights will be aglow and your family has the perfect spot to check out fireworks or walk over to Epcot!

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