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Decorating with your Newborn Photos - Satellite Beach Newborn Photographer

Here at Pink Pineapple Photography, there is a special focus on creating something beautiful for you to see each and every day, from this fleeting season of newborn tininess. Have you ever had professional photos taken and they live in your Facebook memories? Or maybe on a USB drive that hangs out in your nightstand drawer? There is such beauty and emotion in decorating your home with artwork of the most important loves of your life.

During our design consultation, we will determine your decorating style, walls in your home that would be best suited for artwork, and select the artwork pieces that you love the most. At our Satellite Beach newborn photographer studio, clients can see and touch various samples of large metal pieces, acrylic artwork, and heirloom wooden pieces from the best art labs in the world.

Clients typically collect artwork of their babies and families in these popular ways:

  • Statement Pieces - these are large, jaw dropping art pieces that really bring a wow factor to your home, and bring a world full of emotion that lasts lifetimes

  • Conversation Pieces - these are various series pieces, like the popular 9 series of baby's details. Tiny toes, itty bitty hands, ears, nose, eyelashes so you can always remember how little your little was, large and impactful albums with all of your favorite images from your session, or folio boxes that can display different images to add variety to your home decor

  • Gifts - these are smaller items like heirloom prints, acrylic blocks, birth announcements, etc that grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other important people in your lives love to receive so that they can share in this special season of life with you.

Matching media files are included with all artwork that is created, uniquely for you. Most clients collect artwork by choosing from each of the categories above, maybe a family statement piece for living room or large baby art for the nursery, an album to always have to flip through and remember the sweet smell of baby's hair or the soft chubby hands that held your fingers, and a select few favorites to create a gift for Grandma. The possibilities are endless and always priceless.

If you are having a baby in the next few months, visit our contact page to set up a complimentary consultation to find out the best way to create heirloom artwork of your newborn.

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