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A Morning with Spacecoast Ultrasound

It's been about 3 years since I had my last ultrasound, my youngest will be turning 3 in May, so my ultrasound days are sadly behind me. But I remember how exciting it was, each time I got to see my babies before they were born. The first time I saw their little hearts beating, they became the reason that mine would beat from then on. I counted the days to when I'd find out if I was having a boy or a girl. (Which was ALWAYS a boy for me, 0% chance of girls here!), and then the 3D one where you can see what their tiny little face looks like, how adorable their itty bitty nose is, and maybe, just maybe, they would give you a little wave (or in the case of my first son, he decided to flip me the finger...I should have known right then....)

Recently, I've been seeing super cute families and their first photos with their babies, posted on Instagram from Spacecoast Ultrasound. I realized then...this was their baby's first photographer! And so I just had to sit down to chat with a fellow photographer on what they do, and how they make this time extra special for new parents.

Baby's First Photographer - Rebekah Simmons

Meet Rebekah Simmons - creator and owner of Spacecoast Ultrasound. (If you don't follow them on Instagram, you MUST do that now - @spacecoastultrasound). Rebekah greets you in an extra lovely lobby with exposed brick, patterned chairs that bring instant joy to your day, and a warm welcoming smile. We head back to the ultra-cozy ultrasound room to chat and get to know each other. Rebekah, a mom of 2 (Hunter, age 4.5 and Summer, age 2), has been in the medical field for quite sometime, starting with Healthfirst and Gateway OB/GYN. Let's pause here and let me digress into what I said while she was telling me about going to ultrasound school.....I told Rebekah that I truly think they have special vision to be able to decipher what in the world they are looking at during an ultrasound. Because the early ultrasounds just looks like a ton of different grey "stuff" and the later ones took like lava babies, to my clearly untrained eye, of course. Seriously though, are you all not amazed at what they can tell you by looking at these images? I really am. It amazes me. back to our regularly scheduled programming....

Like many of us, Rebekah was looking for a way to live her passion while building a future for her family. A future with flexibility, and a future where she can do something she loves. Since being in the industry since 2002, she was able to find a need and a niche for what she loves to do, and create a special experience for parent to be and their families.

In additional to the expected services for ultrasounds during your pregnancy, Spacecoast Ultrasound offers: Sneak Peeks for $50, Gender Checks for $65, Spacecoast Baby 3D packages for $99, and a Gender Reveal Package for $250. Rebekah made my jaw drop and ALMOST made me consider another baby, ok that might be the slightest exaggeration because three boys already has me more than busy, but OMG. IF YOU ARE PREGNANT, YOU NEED TO RUN OVER TO SPACECOAST ULTRASOUND AND GET can buy something called a "Hearbeat Bear." Check out the photo above with the bears...when you go in for your ultrasound, baby's heartbeat can be recorded and put INSIDE THIS BEAR so that you listen to your baby's heartbeat throughout your pregnancy, as they grow up, and what a special thing to have when your babies are all grown and stepping out into the big world on their own. **cue the tears for me right now**. This did not exist when I was having my babies. I would 100% have bought the heartbeat bear for every single one of my boys.

Now that I've recovered from the reveal of the heartbeat bear, let me tell you what else you can expect with your experience at Spacecoast Ultrasound. The full experience involves both digital and print images of your baby or babies, with the digital files sent right to your phone so you can share with your 10,000 friends on Facebook and Instagram. And since I am a proponent of printing and celebrating your images as art, I love that you receive beautiful prints of your baby before you leave. Each family receives a gift bag on their way out, plus refreshments if you need a little snack while you are there.

And this is just the beginning for the long term vision for Spacecoast Ultrasound. One day (the sooner the better right!) the dream for this local entrepreneur is to not only have an amazing experience for each family, but to have a boutique store with lovely and unique baby items, and an in house newborn and maternity photographer. What a wonder array of services to offer new moms and dads! I can't wait to see this vision unfold.

For more information on Spacecoast Ultrasound, visit or stop by to visit them and meet Rebekah in their cute Satellite Beach location. Many thanks to Rebekah for sitting down with me and chatting so that I can share this resource with our community!

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