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A Day with Wes & Rae - the Best Designer Cookies in Brevard County, Florida

Have you ever just been browsing your local mom's group page on Facebook and just find a GEM, something you didn't even know you had been looking for? Well these little bits of magic seem to happen to me and make me GIDDY! Here is one of my not so secret best kept secrets (hehehe) that I tell everyone about. As I was scrolling the moms group post about local businesses, I happened upon the MOST BEAUTIFUL pineapple cookies. I immediately sent a message to ask if these could be customized to, of course. Siobhan Mullins, owner of Wes & Rae Cookie Co., responded back with a resounding yes, and our partnership was born. I now give these delicious and beautiful pink pineapple cookies to all of my clients.

Wes & Rae was founded in December of 2018, but Siobhan has been baking since 2011. That Christmas she delivered over 1300 (!!!) cookies! Let's be honest, I'm lucky if I can make a dozen or two during the holidays. Oh this gives me an idea....I host an annual cookie party every year with a contest and I should totally 100% have Wes & Rae bake mine for the contest. Don't tell my party goers. If you're curious about what kind of cookies they specialize in, they are yummy sugar cookies that are so artfully decorated that I refer to Siobhan as my "cookie artist". Cookies are designed for holidays and events like baby showers and birthday, and she always takes custom orders for whatever your needs happen to be. I ordered cookies for my son's 8th birthday party. He chose to have the hardest themed party in the history of ever, Zelda - Breath of the Wild. Guess who sells party favors and decorations for a party like that? No one. Literally no one. So I turned to Wes & Rae and they saved the day for me. All the littles got custom cookies as their party favor for that event.

When I was interviewing Siobhan for this article, I asked where the name Wes & Rae came from. Do you have any guesses?? (HINT: look at the photo above). Siobhan has a little boy - Weston, age 8, and a little girl - Savannah Rae, age 5. Savannah came to our photo session and I had the MOST fun with her. She's a sweet and spunky little girl that loves her mama AND her mama's cookies. I really relate to Siobhan and all the "cookies" she has in the air right now. Not only does she run her own successful cookie design company, she is a realtor here in Brevard County, she is going back to school, and is a mom of two kiddos that she had to homeschool at the end of this year, just like the rest of us. That is ALOT to do and she is out there making things happen and being super successful at it.

If you're looking for a cookie artist for your next event, or need a gift, you can message Wes & Rae here: , cookies start at $32/dozen and quotes are provided for customization. Here are some examples of their cookies (that I admittedly stole off Facebook). And if you're also needing a realtor, you can contact her at .

If you aren't hungry for a sweet treat right now after looking at those, then you may not be a human. As soon as I post this, I'm going to nab one of my client cookies and pair it with a nice glass of red wine. Thanks Siobhan and Savannah for visiting me in my new studio and aways making the best little gifts for my clients!

This is my face thinking about someone not wanting to buy some cookies right now....

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