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5 Activities High School Seniors Can Do to Still Make 2020 Amazing

Hey there 2020 are you holding up? I know this must feel CRAZY and not how you expected the second half of your senior year to end up. I think what is happening in the world now will be a defining moment for your generation, but I don't think it means that you can't find creative ways to have the experiences you were hoping to have.

The past few weeks have had everyone pivoting to new ways of doing things virtually like working, doing schoolwork, hanging out with your friends on Zoom, and....maybe I also did discover the joys of Tik Tok too (which you all obviously already knew about). So I sat here today and came up with a few ideas for you. Maybe you've already had these and are running with the planning of them, but if not, here they are. I hope the help bring some extra fun and happiness to the end of this chapter and get you ready for your post high school adventure.

1. Host a virtual prom. Get your date, your friends, your whole class if you can, and schedule a date to hold your prom. Get dressed up in your dresses and tuxes, do you hair and make up, and log on to Zoom, Skype, or whatever hang out app is the best right now. Turn up your favorite playlists and laugh, dance, have fun with each other. This is basically what I'm doing for my birthday this weekend, except I don't think everyone is going to be wearing tuxedoes, and now I wish I thought of this two weeks ago so I could have told everyone to dress up).

2. Play sports? Or like running? Run together in a virtual 5k. A what? Yes, I know it sounds a little crazy and the first time I did it, someone said: " you PAID to go run by yourself around your own neighborhood??" Why, yes, yes, I did, but I wasn't technically "alone". There were plenty of other people out participating in this 5k, logging their time and completion. It even comes with a race t-shirt and a medal! So gather your teams, your squad, or your group of friends and sign up at . You get a 10% discount on your first sign up. You can even do with with your family for Mothers Day (there is a "Moms Need a Run" race!)

3. Mail "Joy-Grams" to the friends you are missing. A who?? A joy-gram. Like a candy-gram, but with no candy...unless you want to add candy to it. Send them real, old-school, snail mail cards. You can get creative with supplies you have at home and MAKE them, you can order some cute cards off of Esty or Amazon. Or just grab a piece of notebook paper and tell them you miss them as much as you miss toilet paper. Congratulate your best friend on finishing their year and tell them you are celebrating all the wonderful adventures that are coming their way after high school. Send them a joke. Draw a picture. This will be super unexpected and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your friends' faces.

4. Host a LIVE concert. Are you in the chorus/choir? Are you in band? Are you in the orchestra? Do you play in your own band? Do you sing? Similar to the prom, get your group together on Zoom and stream it live on social media for the community to see and enjoy. Or fly solo and schedule a time to go LIVE on your favorite social media platforms to give back to everyone trapped inside right now. Hearing your talents will be like a breath of fresh air for your family, friends, classmates, neighbors, everyone. Invite me too because I'd love to hear some amazing music!

5. Schedule tentative dates for a "New Journey" photoshoot - post quarantine! Call up your favorite photog (it doesn't have to be me, but I'd love to do it!) and plan a really fun session. You can make these senior sessions if you want, or you can celebrate everything you have accomplished and kick off your new journey. Maybe you're going to college, maybe you're going to travel, maybe you have a new job, or are moving to a new city. Grab your family, best friends, favorite things and document and preserve this moment like no one else. You'll thank me in 20 years when you look back on these and remember how great these times actually were.


I hope some of these have inspired you to create something really fun and memorable, no matter our circumstances! I would LOOOVE for you to share any other ideas or pictures from any of these that you decide to do!! Tag @pinkpineapplepics on Facebook or Instagram so I can see all the joy you're still bringing to the world right now!



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